Minimum Viable Hologram

We are not currently offering Minimum Viable Hologram.

This online participatory research ran from April 2020-September 2020. We are currently organizing the research we gathered in the first round of experimental meetings. Currently we are only offering these sessions to people who have completed the Hologram Course. We hope to resume offering these to the public in early 2021.

You can still read about them below. If you have a question or would like to learn more about these sessions, feel free to get in touch with us.

This research opportunity will double as a useful experience for anyone dealing with anxiety, fear, loss, or financial collapse due to the Corona Virus. Please fill out this survey if you are interested.

The Hologram is a Social Medicine for a Cooperative Species. It wishes to be a long term social practice that you and your friends would agree to practice from now on, nbd. But in this current moment it seems like we need ways to act in the short term so we can get out of the effects of being stuck alone in a global pandemic, when we know everything is changing all around us, while we wait and check check check the internet for information. This is an opportunity to pool the energy, creativity and time of your friends and to collectively work on a focused problem in an online conversation, while generating important research for The Hologram.

The Hologram is part of a larger project predicated on helping people have experiences of interdependence, cooperation, and trust that will outlast capitalism. But until we can get to thinking long term again, let’s start somewhere small:

Introducing: Minimum Viable Hologram

Minimum Viable Hologram is a 2 hour experience learning and using the communication techniques of the The Hologram. In that time you will see how it feels to organize and distribute emotional labor in a new way. In this time you will have a winning experience of offering support to one person in ways that produce energy, craftiness and strategy for what we can do while we wait. If it works, each of the three people doing the support work on the call will then set up their own call where they have three people supporting them. And so on.

Eventually we can use the model to offer support for all our people without getting burned out or bored, or being on zoom 24-7.

How does it work?

  1. Invite three friends who you trust to join you for a zoom call, and use the survey to give us some information as well as set up an appointment.
  2. If you make the appointment, you will be the Hologram, or the person who is getting the attention in the call. The other three are called the Triangle. In the Triangle, all we need to know is which person in the Triangle is in charge of focusing on asking questions focused on the physical, mental/emotional, and social health of the Hologram for the duration of the call. We need one person to “hold” each of those areas. We’ll explain more on the call.
  3. During our call we will spend 15 minutes getting set up and making introductions, then the facilitator will give a 15 minute introduction to the project, and some basic guidelines for the call. You’ll have a group conversation for 1 hour, and then we’ll have a 15 minute conversation about the experience at the end. At the end we will send you a follow up survey.
  4. Afterwards, if you want to think about what it would mean to do The Hologram in the long term, consider joining an online course that helps you organize that. If you would like to know when our future courses are, please go to the ‘get involved!’ page or sign up for the newsletter.

Beginning in April of the year COVID19, we will be offering pay for 40 research participants (10 groups), for those who want it. No matter where you live, The Hologram will offer a fee of £22, the equivalent of two hours work at the London Livable Wage. If you would like to be paid for your participation, please mention that in the followup questionnaire, after your meeting.

We are a cooperative species.