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Create My Hologram

Create My Hologram

Create My Hologram

Create My Hologram

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NEW! A step by step manual in 10 languages to help you and your triangle set up your first Hologram meeting
Past Courses:
8ยบ curso del Holograma
Downloadable Resources:
Hologram Meeting Helper (online viewing)
Hologram Meeting Helper (for print)
Read excerpts from the book

We believe that anyone has the capacity to participate in a Hologram. To help you get started, we made some guide documents that can help you to set up yours. We will continue to update these tools as we make and refine them.

How to get started:

  1. We think it is a good idea for you to start by reading the excerpts from The Hologram book that are available for free on the Pirate.Care website (you can click the pink text on the left to get there). This will help you figure out if the project fits your needs and desires.

  2. Next, you may want to download the Hologram Meeting Helper (also available in the left column), which will walk you through your first meeting.

  3. We know that most people encounter barriers as they begin to set up their hologram group. These barriers are due to social and economic conditions that make it hard to ask for help, or to give help, and it is not your fault. For this reason it is most helpful to do it with others. You may want to start this adventure with a friend.

  4. After you have three people in mind for your Hologram, you may want to sign up to do your first meeting online with a facilitator. This is called a Minimum Viable Hologram (MVH). We have a large team of facilitators who can walk you and your triangle through the how, why and what of the protocol in a free 2 hour online meeting.

  5. In order for this practice to work, it is important that you feel like part of the vast network of people who are also practicing. This is not individual therapy, it is a practice ground for us to transform our social habits as we transform the systems and power structures around us. These guides come with a strong recommendation to connect with others who are also attempting to change the world by reorganizing their relationship to support, time, power, and capitalism. Once you begin to set up your Hologram, we would love to see you at the Community of Practice.

    The Community of Practice is a monthly meeting (on the 4th day of each month at 4pm GMT) where we discuss and troubleshoot the Hologram together. You can find details and a link to join here. If you would like to come to this meeting and have any questions, please email and title your email: COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE

    *Don’t be afraid to ask US for help! This project moves virally between people. It is more of an oral tradition than it is a set structure. The best way to learn is from being in a triangle or discussing it with someone else who is practicing it. Please feel free to contact us with questions as you attempt to organize your triangle, and we would be happy to connect you to people who are more experienced with the practice, who can correspond with you and suggest resources.